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When people on Facebook post shit from Tumblr. SMH.
If you missed me why’d you stop talking to me.

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Once you have broken a trust with someone that has loved you, it’s very hard to get it back. Even if he/she takes you back, it’s going to take you triple times to prove to him/her that he/she can trust you once again. In these situations, it’s best to be candid and honest about your feelings towards the person you have hurt. Hopefully, it’s not too late.

I love spiders :)
A guy who’s worth it.

The one who won’t dip in a month, that won’t go to a better looking girl.  That doesn’t want you just for the physical things. The one who respects you and your decisions. The one that understand that family is first and school is important. The one that won’t take you away from your friends. Someone who’s not embarrassed to be with you in public. The one that talks to you the same way, both in person and on text. The one who just loves unconditionally.

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Im mad at you. Dam it sucks to be so much in love with you. I get all angry and jealous over the supidest shit.


The conversations we have don’t even make sense to me half the time, but I still anticipate the thought of hearing your voice on the other side of the line.. The way you smile, the way you laugh, everything you do is slowly being embedded in the back of my mind. The things I feel for you, they’re overwhelming. I feel like I’m falling too fast to the point where I’m drowning. I can’t stop myself. I’m falling down the bottom of this pit, hoping you’d be there waiting.

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